Earn money as myPadi ambassador

Earn money as myPadi ambassador

Get commissions on the rent of every hostel you submit from landlords.

Find out how much you can make per week.


Per hostel Per week

Get commissions on the rent of every hostel you submit from landlords.

Find out how much you can make per week.


Per week

Why Become an Ambassador?

Earn Commissions on rents

For every hostel you submit from a landlord, we pay you 1 - 2 % commission on every room when there's a rent via myPadi.ng. So for a hostel with 20 rooms that cost N100,000 each, you get N20,000 - N40,000 commission for the first year. You can make as much as you want by submit as many hostels as you can.

Be part of an exclusive community

Once you send your first landlord, you become an official myPadi ambassador. We’ll then invite you to join a private Facebook and WhatsApp group, which will help you expand your network, get a foot in the door at your favorite companies (including myPadi!), and learn more about internship and full-time opportunities

Get myPadi Swags

After three successful referrals and landlords, you can choose swag from an assortment of options. Superstar ambassadors will continue to receive increasingly awesome rewards, and we have big surprises planned for top ambassadors.

How it Works

1. Sign Up

Fill out the form above and create a student account or login if you already have an account with myPadi.ng

2. Get to work

Start listing hostels with clear pictures, descriptions and prices near your school and sharing your referral link with others on facebook, twitter and instagram

3. Get paid

You get paid once you reach your minimum payout and listings are verified by myPadi. You also earn when your referee completes a payment for his / her hostel

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How do I get commissions?

You get commissions when a hostel you submitted is rented.

Q5: When will I be paid?

You get paid your commissions when you have a minimum of 2500 in your account on myPadi.

Q2: How do I get paid?

Payment is made directly to account updated on your dashboard

Q6: If I list a hostel that has already been listed by another ambassador, do I still get paid?

No you don't get paid for relisting a hostel listed by someone else.

Q3: How do I know a hostel has already been listed?

Our system detects a duplicate and notifies you.

Q7: What quality pictures should I upload for a hostel?

Clear cut pictures of different parts of the hostel must be captured in landscape with a good camera.

Q4: Which part of the hostel should i take pictures off?

Pictures that allows students to see the toilets, bathrooms, power house, rooms, wardrobes, fence, security house, and other parts of the accommodation gets verified faster.

Q8: What will make my listing not verified?

Listing will not be verified if clear cut pictures are not submitted, the hostel already exists on our system and the primary contact (caretaker/Landlord) makes a disclaimer.