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Thousands of potential tenants visit myPadi.ngevery week looking for the best apartments like yours. with your apartment on our website you're sure of getting regular streams of tenants.

Free Property Insurance

Accidental Damages happen sometimes and we also got your back. Our Landlord Insurance Scheme provides liability coverage in cases when property damage occurs. We also offer 24/7 host support—because your peace of mind is priceless.

Free and easy to use

It’s free and easy to create a listing on myPadi. Describe your space, how many guests you can accommodate, and add photos and details - we can also help take photos and upload.You're total control of prices, house rules, etc. We only take some commission each time we facilitate a booking for you.

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1. Submit Accommodation for Review

Create your free account so as to get access to the listing form

2. Schedule Free Photography

Complete the step by step listing form precisely providing pricing, address, room types and others. Our Photographers would come taking pictures and video of your apartment

3. Take tenants on Inspections

Its time to sit back, keep your phones and emails active as start welcoming your tenants. Yes. Its has never been this easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Who can I add hostels on myPadi?

Hostel Owners with any proof of Ownership or Agents with any proof of identity can list hostels on myPadi. All hostels uploaded on our platform usually go through some form of verification which usually occurs within an hour.

Q4: How Do I know if my hostel is listed?

A member of team will contact you via phone call to verify, after which you'll receive an auto-generated SMS on the phone number you used in registering confirming the successful listing of the hostel.

Q2: How can I upload a hostel?

Hostels can be uploaded easily with our easy-to-use uploading portal. It usually takes just 10 mins to complete the add hostel form. Our Photographers then proceed to take photographs of your hostel and assign accordingly.

Q5: How does Tenants Pay?

Consider us as the dedicated guys handling all the payments for you as students pay into our accounts after which we remit to you.

Q3: How do I know if a student needs my hostel?

Each time a student indicates interest to rent your hostel, a concerned member of team will reach you on phone as well as send you detailed information of the student so you don't rent blindly.

Q6: How does Charge?

Each time there's a deposit for your hostel from our platform, we'll take a little percentage of the deposit made and remit the rest to you via Bank . So we only get paid when you make money.